Funding must be made available to tackle N25 poplar trees

Sinn Féin area representative Conor D. McGuinness has said that Waterford City and County Council must make funding available for removing poplar trees which pose a risk to properties at Lisfennell Close and Springmount. McGuinness made the comments after a petition was submitted by residents, which calls on the local authority to take immediate action.

He said:

“These poplar trees were planted over thirty years ago and continue to grow. They are a cause for concern in stormy weather given their height and proximity to the N25 and to homes in Lisfennel Close and Springmount. The destruction that one of these colossal trees would cause if it were to fall does not bear thinking about. Their roots are causing damage to fences and paving and there is a serious worry that they may be interfering with foundations.

Conor D. McGuinness with the petition signed by residents calling for action to be taken regarding the poplar trees along the N25

“One resident reported removing a twenty metre length of root which had destroyed paving and continues on under the foundations of her house. Another spoke of feeling vibrations from the nearby road carried through roots in his back garden. Concrete fencing panels have been displaced and cracks have appeared in pavements. Large branches overhang a number of back gardens and shoots have grown up from large underground roots in a number of properties.

“I worked with residents on this petition which contains signatures from the majority of households affected. It calls on the council to take immediate action to to ameliorate the risk posed to safety, homes and properties, and to prevent further damage to foundations, fencing and paving.

“While some councillors debate who first raised the issue in the chamber, residents are facing into winter storms with no certainty

that this issue will be addressed. I understand the as yet unpublished report into the matter will recommend that the trees are removed, however it is vital that funding for this work is made available to prevent further delay.”

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