McGuinness calls for areas to be set aside for pollinators in Co. Waterford

Sinn Féin local election candidate Conor D. McGuinness has called on the Council to take further action to protect biodiversity in the county.

McGuinness said:

“There has been a worrying decline in biodiversity in Ireland and across the globe, most of it caused by the interaction of humans with the environment. We may be familiar with large animals that are at risk of extinction around the world, however we also face risks closer to home. “

“Bees and other pollinating insects are a vital component of our ecosystem. They play a crucial role in agriculture and horticulture and need to be protected.

“The All-Ireland Pollinator plan lists actions that local authorities can take to protect bees and other insects. I am calling for areas to be set aside for pollinators and other wildlife such as roadside strips and verges, meadows and hedgerows.

“The introduction of a pollinator friendly mowing regime would allow wildflowers such as dandelions to grow, which are an important source of sustenance for bees. Similarly, the use of plants suited to pollinating insects in planters and roundabouts is recommended by the all-Ireland plan, which was developed by the National Biodiversity Centre from its headquarters in Waterford.

“As a local election candidate I am adamant that public policy at both local and national level works to protect our environment, tackle pollution and guard against further habitat loss.”

Click here to read the proposals for local authorities contained in the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan compiled by the National Biodiversity Data Centre.

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