McGuinness: Road re-surfacing must address need for remedial works at the Burgery


Sinn Féin local election candidate Conor D. McGuinness has called for remedial works to address local concerns to be included in the planned road resurfacing at the Burgery.

McGuinness said:

“Numerous residents have complained about dangerous road alignment, subsidence, and blocked drains leading to spot flooding on the N25 at the Burgery.

“There are plans to resurface this stretch of road and its important that this opportunity is used to address existing issues. The road is poorly drained in parts, which is leading to spot flooding during heavy rains and the flow of water off the road and onto roadside properties in same cases. Road subsidence has seen underground pipes damaged and the road alignment in place can lead to dangerous situations, where vehicles regularly use the hard shoulder at speed, only inches from entrances to properties.

“Residents must be consulted ahead of plans being finalised, and the ongoing issues with this stretch of road should be addressed during the resurfacing works. “

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