McGuinness expresses concern over Council dependence on contractors

8ffde142-01c4-493c-8f38-b0bfab051244Sinn Féin local election candidate Conor D. McGuinness has expressed concern at the Council’s apparent dependence on contractors to undertake routine maintenance and repair works.
McGuinness said:
‘It has become apparent that Waterford City and County Council is dependent on contractors to fulfil many of its routine maintenance and repair works in Dungarvan and surrounding areas.
“While I welcome the announcement made last week that road surface on Emmet St. / Rice St and O’Connell St. are to be repaired shortly, this work will be undertaken by contractors and not by council staff.
“Similarly some residents in Geal gCua have been without street lighting for several weeks due to a fault. The Council’s lighting contractor has failed to address the situation almost 9 weeks after residents first reported the issue.
“Routine maintenance and repair work should be carried out by the Council. The tendency to contract out work is ideological rather than practical. As a trade unionist and a member of the Dungarvan branch of Unite the Union I am concerned about the impact this dependance on contractors will have on employment levels in the Council.
“We deserve a responsive and accessible local authority that is adequately resourced and embedded in the community. A strong, ongoing focus on maintenance and repairs will bring greater efficiency in the long run.”
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