McGuinness welcomes publication of legislation for domestic violence leave

img_0110Sinn Féin Councillor Conor D. McGuinness has welcomed the publication of a bill that will provide for a statutory entitlement of up to ten days paid leave for persons experiencing domestic violence. The Bill was introduced in the Dáil this week by Sinn Féin, and is is being supported by a number of trade unions and domestic violence support services. 

McGuinness said:

“Provision for domestic violence leave is in place in a number of jurisdictions across Europe, and here in Ireland several large employers have already introduced their own policies that allows people experiencing domestic abuse take paid leave.

“Paid leave for people experiencing domestic violence empowers them to seek protection for themselves and their children, access support services, arrange alternative accommodation and attend court dates, without fear of loss of work or income. 

“Insecurity around employment and income can compound an already immensely difficult situation and force victims to remain in dangerous and damaging relationships.

“There is a growing recognition that domestic violence is a workplace issue. For the first time violence and harassment in the world of work is now provided for in new international labour standards. 

“The Convention on Violence and Harassment was adopted by the International Labour Organization earlier this year this year and acknowledges that domestic violence can affect employment, productivity and health and safety. It requires governments, employers’ organisations and trade unions to help recognise and address the impacts of domestic violence.

“This legislation, if enacted by the Dáil, would do much to protect, support and empower victims of domestic violence and would also ensure Ireland meets its international obligations under the Violence and Harassment Convention.”

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