Budget cuts mean no solution in sight for Dungarvan’s footpaths – McGuinness


Sinn Féin Councillor Conor D. McGuinness has said that the €14.5 million cut to Waterford Council’s budget means there is no solution in sight to address the ‘dire state’ of the footpaths in Dungarvan and Abbeyside. 

McGuinness said:

“The multi-million euro cut to Waterford’s budget that was accepted by Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Labour councillors means that we start off this year on the financial back foot. 

“A decade of neglect has led to a situation in Dungarvan and Abbeyside where many of our footpaths have become unsafe, and impassable for those pushing a pram or using a mobility aid. There is scarcely a week goes that I don’t hear from someone who has fallen or tripped on a footpath. In the last fortnight I have spoken to four people who what fallen on damaged and uneven footpaths in Sea Park, Caseyville and Springfield. 

“I had been hopeful that a programme of repair and replacement works could be undertaken this year to address the issue, however following last month’s budget meeting its clear there is insufficient money to carry out the works that are desperately needed.”

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