McGuinness hails ‘historic victory’ for Sinn Féin

Sinn Féin councillor Conor D. McGuinness has hailed what he described as a ‘historic’ election result for Sinn Féin across the state. McGuinness was part of David Cullinane’s election directorate and also served as Director of Elections for the party’s Cork East candidate Pat Buckley TD. Both outgoing TDs were elected on the first count with large surplusses. 

McGuinness said:

“The people of this state have turned out in their droves to vote for change. In Waterford David Cullinane enjoyed a landslide victory and in polling stations across the country Sinn Féin candidates were topping the poll. David’s stunning victory was hard earned and a testament to his work ethic, his passion for Waterford and his ability as a politician. As a politician he is second to none, and its clear that he is ministerial material. 

“I was honoured to work with Cork East TD Pat Buckley as his Director of Elections. He mounted a fantastic campaign that spoke to the huge desire for political change. He had been written off by many commentators and labeled an underdog, but stole the show at the count centre on Sunday and topped the poll. 

“Its clear that we have seen a seismic shift in Ireland’s politics. People have voted for a different type of politics, outside of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. Our party president Mary Lou McDonald has already made contact with leaders of left wing and progressive political parties to explore the potential for forming a Government that excludes the two conservative parties. 

“As the dust settles on the count process and the allocation of of seats becomes clear there will be an onus on all parties to speak to one another. Sinn Féin is ready for Government and we want to be in government. We have policies that when implemented will begin to make a real difference in the lives of workers and families. We have excellent TDs such as David Cullinane ready for ministerial office. We won’t be found wanting when it comes to playing a proactive role in discussions over the coming days and weeks.”

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