‘Social distancing’ message still not getting through to some people – McGuinness

Sinn Féin Councillor Conor D. McGuinness has called on Waterford Council and Coillte to take steps to ‘lockdown’ popular outdoor amentities as thousands flock to the seaside, forest walks, parks and popular beauty-spots.


“We are in the midst of an unprecedented national and global public health crisis. Its clear that the majority of people are taking the risk from COVID-19 very seriously, however the ‘social distancing’ message still hasn’t gottten through to a cohort of people.


“Clinicians, public health experts, community leaders and politicians have all spoen with one voice on this issue: to give our society and our health service the best chance to beat this pandemic we need to practice social distancing.


“For it to be effective social distancing needs to be practised consistently. There is little point staying indoors during the week only to stand in a queue or walk in a crowded area at the weekend.


“As we come into Spring after a long and wet Winter its natural to want to spend time outside in the fresh air. Being outdoors and active is good for our physical and mental health.


“The HSE has issued advice on social distancing outdoors and recommends that busy or popular areas are avoided. Unfortunately the actions of a minority of irresponsible people means that steps will now have to be taken to curtail access for all people.


“While we await a response from Government I am calling on Waterford Council and on Coillte to curtail access to the popular outdoor amenities in their control on public health grounds

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