Pregnant women should be allowed bring their partner when attending maternity appointments – McGuinness

Sinn Féin Councillor Conor D. McGuinness has raised the issue of pregnant women not being allowed to have a partner accompany them to maternity appointments, and called on HSE management to remove the restriction: 

McGuinness said:

“I have raised this issue with HSE management through the Regional Health Forum, and my colleague David Cullinane T.D. has raised it in the Dáil and in correspondence with the Minister. 

“Restrictions put in place in March to protect our hospitals and health care staff have been very difficult for everyone effected, including for those with sick relatives who have been unable to visit them. 

“The restrictions have also been very difficult for expectant mothers, their families, and for new parents.

“Pregnant women are currently unable to have their partner attend clinics or scans with them, which is causing real distress and hardship. Sharing the happy moments during a pregnancy is very important for expectant parents. Having support close to hand is even more crucial at anxious times, or in those terribly sad situations where a pregnant woman receives earth-shattering news. 

“As restrictions in other areas of society are being relaxed it seems particularly unfair and cruel that women are not allowed to have a partner accompany them to appointments and scans. The health and safety or patients and healthcare staff has to be a priority, but with proper precautions it should not be impossible for partners to allowed accompany and support pregnant women. 

“The Minister and HSE management need to show compassion and understanding and I call on them to remove this restriction that is causing such distress.”

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