Roadworks funding delay causing concerns – McGuinness

Sinn Féin Councillor Conor D. McGuinness questioned the ongoing delay affecting the allocation of Department of Transport funding for the annual Road Works Programme at the February meeting of Waterford City and County Council.

“A series of workshops were to take place across the three council districts this week to discuss the Road Works Programme for 2021 however these were canceled as the Department for Transport has yet to provide a funding allocation to Waterford Council.

“Our roads network requires significant investment and this funding is essential to keeping roads safe and accessible. The delay is concerning. We usually receive an allocation in January, which gives us time to decide priorities and put together district-level work plans.

“Given the current public health restrictions its harder than ever to schedule works. Every additional piece of uncertainty makes that task more difficult. This delay is not helpful, and it speaks to a general air of confusion and uncertainty on the part of Government.

“There are ongoing tensions within Government regarding the Green Party’s reluctance to provide funding for roads infrastructure. Concerns have been expressed that this delay might be part of a power play by Minister Eamon Ryan.

“Whatever the cause of the delay, we need certainty, and the Council needs to be assured that the Road Work Programme funding will be made available. “

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