Council assistance requested to keep An Coinigéar clean

Sinn Féin Councillor Conor D. McGuinness has asked the Council’s Environment Department for its assistance in keeping An Coinigéar clean. The sand spit that stretches across Dungarvan Bay is popular with walkers and runners alike. 

Speaking at the May meeting of the Dungarvan-Lismore District Council, McGuinness said:

“An Coinigéar is a wonderful and very popular local amenity. The vast majority of those that visit leave it as they found it. Unfortunately littering is a persistent problem. At this time of year there is an increase in people camping or barbecuing on the sand spit. Over recent weeks there have been two incidents where rubbish, damaged tents, the remains of a fire, bottles and cans were dumped on the beach.

“Those that treat our shared spaces like this should be prosecuted and receive the toughest sanctions under the law. I cannot understand the level of disrespect and indifference that leads them think its acceptable to leave their rubbish for someone else to clean up. 

“A small group of local people carry out regular clean ups and the Council does coordinate with them to take the rubbish they collect. These volunteers are to be commended for their work in keeping An Coinigéar clean and for protecting this unique and sensitive coastal environment. 

“Unfortunately the scale of the littering that has taken place, and the distance from the car park, makes it increasingly difficult for volunteers to keep the area clean. I am requesting that the Council coordinates with the local group and with the national Clean Coasts initiative to provide more hands on assistance when it comes to clean ups in this area.”

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