Road safety measures for St. Mary’s NS

Sinn Féin Councillor Conor D. McGuinness has asked the Council to install enhanced road safety measures at both the Mitchell St. and Youghal Road entrances to St. Mary’s National School in Dungarvan. He raised the issue at the May meeting of the Dungarvan-Lismore District Council. 

McGuinness said:

“I have received representations from several quarters in relation to road safety concerns at both the Mitchell St. and Youghal Road entrances to St. Mary’s National School. I have engaged with school management, with parents and with the school warden. 

“On the Mitchell St. side there is a concern about the tendency of cars to pull in close to the pedestrian crossing. While there is double yellow lines and zigzag markings on either side but these do not deter cars from pulling in. This impacts on visibility, and means that the warden is forced to contend with four lanes of traffic rather than two. It can also lead to tension and distraction for motorists as they’re hemmed in or obstructed. I believe its only a matter of time before we see an accident at this location. 

“I am asking the Roads Department to add lines of flexible bollards where the double yellow lines and zigzag markings are act as a deterrent to cars pulling in here. 

“On the Youghal Road side, the yellow box markings outside the school gate is in line with the gate, which serves to create a corridor effect when vehicles are parked on each side. This means that children cannot see the road until they are at the edge, while motorists may not see children approaching from behind parked cars. Increasing the length of the yellow box markings would allow for a better and clearer view for both motorists and pedestrians.”

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