Retrofit scheme for council houses should come West – McGuinness

Sinn Féin Councillor Conor D. McGuinness has said that the limited energy retrofitting scheme for council houses that was announced recently should be used to improve the efficiency of council houses in West Wateford.

Speaking at the plenary meeting of Waterford City and County Council, McGuinness said: 

“I am aware that the Council has been given the green light by Government to carry out deep retrofitting of 48 houses in 2021. This doesn’t go far enough. It signals a lack of ambition on the part of Government to address climate change, and sums up their general approach to housing policy – inadequate funding and disinterest.

“I have corresponded directly with the housing director and with the Chief Executive about the real need for energy upgrades to social housing stock in West Waterford.

“I want to put on the record my call that this limited funding should be ring-fenced to carry out much needed improvements to housing stock in West Waterford. We have a number of estates that have had little to no work carried out on them since they were first build – where windows and doors have long-since passed their natural lifespan and are in disrepair, or where insulation was not a factor when they were built. 

“Not only does this lead to cold and dampness in these houses, but it results in unsustainable energy bills for families, and it is bad for the environment. 

“There is a need for balance when it comes to the allocation of funding within Waterford. Its not good enough that some estates in West Waterford have neglected over the years when it comes to upgrading or retrofitting.”

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