Campaign to tarnish Dungarvan Pride ‘beyond pathetic’ – McGuinness

A Co. Waterford Councillor has branded an online campaign to tarnish the recent Dungarvan Pride festival as ‘beyond pathetic’. The festival organisers and local performer Lady FiFi Fondue, who fronted the event, were subjected to a barrage of homophobic trolling online in the wake of the inaugural event, which was held in Abbeyside’s Walton Park.

Sinn Féin Councillor Conor D. McGuinness took to social media to support those involved in the event and to condemn the abusive and bigoted online campaign directed against them.

McGuinness said:

“I send support and solidarity to all involved in last week’s very successful, family-friendly Dungarvan Pride festival.

“Unfortunately a small number of far-right activists, many affiliated to the so-called ‘Irish Freedom Party’ have decided to target what was a wonderful day and a fantastic community gathering. Their coordinated campaign of trolling is beyond pathetic.

“I wouldn’t normally even comment on it but when individuals are singled out then political leaders have an obligation to stand up and to stand with them.

“These right-wing internet trolls hide behind anonymous accounts to spread misinformation and trying to whip up homophobia for their own sad ends.

“What they fail to realise is that their hate has no currency, they have no support, and they speak for no one.

“I will continue to offer my full support for the LGBT+ community locally, and to stand against bigotry no matter where it comes from. We’ve come too far to allow anyone drag us down.”

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