McGuinness slams Government ‘neglect’ of Bonmahon amid water outage

Sinn Féin Councillor Conor D. McGuinness has said that Bonmahon has been ‘neglected’ by Irish Waterford and by successive Governments that have failed to invest in infrastructure for the seaside village. He made the comments as many families and businesses in the area faced their third day without water against the backdrop of sweltering temperatures.

McGuinness said:

“We need to see urgent and adequate infrastructural investment in Bonmahon, in both the village’s water supply and in its sewage system.

“The lack of the capacity in the reservoir to meet increased summer demand for water has led to many houses in the area being left without water for three days during the hottest seek of the year. A number of local businesses have had to offer reduced services during what should be their busiest season.

“My colleague Cllr Jim Griffin and I have been engaging with Irish Water and with Waterford Council about the water outages over the last number of days. The situation is down to increased demand on a water supply that is not adequate for usage over the summer season.

“Its not right that families and businesses are left without water for multiple days during hot weather. We need to see investment in a fit-for-purpose water supply that can cater to summer demand for the village and its visitors.

“We also need to see urgent investment in a new sewage system for the village – the current system isn’t working and residents have been to the fore in campaigning for a new and adequate system that will meet the needs of the village, protect the environment and allow for local families to build homes.

“The neglect and indifference of Irish Water and the Government when it comes to Bonmahon cannot be allowed to continue.”

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