Council needs to play greater role in managing new skatepark – McGuinness

Sinn Féin Councillor Conor D. McGuinness has said that Waterford Council must play a greater role in managing the new amenities at Dungarvan’s linear park, including the Skatepark and ‘Learn to Cycle’ track.

McGuinness said:

“The Skatepark is a fantastic and popular amenity that has seen phenomenal use in the few months that it has been open. Huge credit must go to everyone involved in bringing it to fruition.

“Unfortunately during that time we have seen a huge increase in littering in the Linear Park area and immediately adjacent to the Skatepark. I raised this with council officials over the summer and managed to get a refuse bin installed, however there has been next to no improvement in the littering situation.

“At the same time I have received several calls and messages from parents about incidents of bad behaviour and bullying in and around the Skatepark.

“The majority of those using the Skatepark are respectful of the facility and respectful to other users, however there needs to be a level of supervision and management. The best way is for young people to have a sense of ownership and to be given a sense of responsibility.

“The council doesn’t have the monitor the park 24/7 nor should it have to, but I do feel a greater level of input is warranted. I would like to see young people involved in devising a set of rules for acceptable behaviour for the Skatepark, and for these rules to be displayed prominently.

“I have also asked the Environment section to work with youth services and schools locally to see how best young people can be facilitated in taking greater care of this wonderful facility.”

“Ultimately this comes down to responsibility and respect, and that has to be taught from a young age.”

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