Footpaths in residential areas need some TLC – McGuinness

Sinn Féin Councillor Conor D. McGuinness has said that its time for Waterford Council to ‘show some TLC’ to footpaths in residential areas and housing estates.

McGuinness said:

“My Sinn Féin colleagues and i have been instrumental in getting a standalone footpath repair and improvement line in Waterford City and County Council’s annual budget, hower it is high time the Council starting to show some TLC to footpaths in housing estates and residential areas. 

“There has been some great work done to improve footpaths and walkways in our town centres in the last two years, but we have seen little if any improvement in housing estate and the more residential streets of our towns. 

“I receive frequent calls from people that feel unsafe leaving their homes because of the state of the footpaths outside their doors. Often times these are older or infirm people who are unwilling to risk a trip or fall, which could lead to injury and hospitalisation.

“There was been a steady deterioration of footpath surfaces in many estates, and primarily in the older estates in Dungarvan, Abbeyside, Tallow and Lismore. The impact on this is that older people people with a mobility issue, or people pushing prams and buggies are less inclined to undertake short journeys by foot, and when they do, they are put at greater risk. 

“Its time that the Council’s focus shifted to these residential areas and this is what I will be calling for when Dungarvan-Lismore district councillors meet to discuss the Council’s annual works programme for 2023.”

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