West Waterford Sinn Féin launches annual Easter Lily campaign

West Waterford has launched its annual Easter Lily campaign to commemorate the women and men who stood by the Irish Republic from the 1916 Rising to the present day. 

The Easter Lily badge was originally designed and distributed by Cumann na mBan in the wake of the Easter Rising and traditionally commemorates that made the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of Irish freedom and unity. 

Sinn Féin activists have distributed the Easter lily in West Waterford since the 1920s and have continued the tradition every year since, including during the recent pandemic. 

Chair of West Waterford Sinn Féin Brendan Mansfield said:

“The Easter Lily is an emblem of unity between the different traditions within the nation as well as the heroism of those who sacrificed so much in 1916 and in the years since. Today it symbolises the possibility of unity, equality and prosperity for all the peoples of the island.

“Sinn Féin members will be out across West Waterford over the coming weeks distributing Easter Lilies. These simple paper badges are pinned to the lapel and worn with pride on Easter Sunday. This year we will also be distributing Irish and English language posters of the 1916 Proclamation alongside Easter Lilies. 

“Traditionally a small donation is made in return for an Easter Lily and the proceeds are used for the upkeep of graves and monuments, and for campaigns in keeping with the Republican vision of 1916.”

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