Neglect of Heilbhic Pier must end – McGuinness

Neglect of Heilbhic Pier must end - McGuinness.jpeg
Sinn Féin local election candidate Conor D. McGuinness has called for urgent upgrade works to take place at Heilbhic Pier.
He said:
“The pier at Heilbhic has been neglected over the years in terms of investment and development, not only has this hampered the fishing industry locally, but it has also added more risk and hardship to an already dangerous occupation.
“I have previously raised the need for the harbour to be dredged. No one is under any allusions as to the cost and scale of the works required, but if Heilbhic Pier is to remain a working fishing port the build-up in the harbour needs to be addressed.
“There are other issues of concern relating to the harbour that require action and investment. The structure of the pier itself is in a bad state of repair and needs urgent works to strengthen it.
“Smaller investments such as the installation of a small crane to lift fish boxes and bait and the extension of the water line to the end of the pier would also help to undo the years of neglect of the pier.
“I am seeking election to Waterford City and County Council to bring a new voice to local politics and to stand up for West Waterford. I will make investment in the pier at Heilbhic a priority if elected this May.”
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