Petition calls for immediate dredging in Heilbhic on safety grounds

Neasa de Paor, Aisling de Grás and Conor D. McGuinness
A petition has been submitted to Waterford Council calling on the CEO to take immediate action to address the situation in Cé Heilbhic, where boats are prevented from entering or leaving the harbour at times due to a build up of sand. A public meeting was held on the pier last Friday where fishermen and their families voiced their concerns and called for action.
Sinn Féin area representative Conor D. McGuinness said:
“There is a dire need for dredging at Cé Heilbhic. Fishermen have experienced great difficulty in entering or leaving the harbour for some time, due to the build up of silt and sand. This situation is affecting the ability for local fishermen to effectively and safely carry out their work. “At the moment there is a dredging vessel in Heilbhic. It is here to undertake survey work in Dungarvan Bay on behalf of Irish Water, and is equipped and available to carry out dredging work.
“Heilbhic is strategically important as the lifeboat base covering Dungarvan Bay and adjacent waters. At this stage the ongoing situation presents a health and safety crisis, and it it long past time to address it. As we enter the summer months a lot more people will be ton the water and its essential that there is a safe and clear passage in and out of Heilbhic harbour.
“This petition is calling on Waterford Council to begin dredging immediately, in the interests of health and safety, and to enable access in and out of the harbour for local boats.”
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