McGuinness ecourages greater take up of €500 grant for those ‘cocooning’

img_4023Sinn Féin Councillor Conor D. McGuinness has welcomed the Hardhsip Grant for those ‘cocooning’ and has encouraged eligible people in West Waterford to apply. The grant of up to €500 is administered by the Irish Red Cross and Age Action and seeks to respond to the immediate needs of older people that are experiencing additional hardship as a result of the Covid-19 health crisis.

McGuinness said:

There has been a relatively low take up of this grant in Waterford since it was announced earlier this month. I am encouraging anyone that is eligible and feels they or someone they are caring for may benefit from the scheme to contact Age Action on 01 475 6989 and discuss making an application.

The scheme is aimed at older people in need of assistance, family members supporting an older person, carers of older persons, and local voluntary or community groups providing direct assistance to individuals within this target group.

You can apply for assistance to meet any specific practical needs that are adding to your hardship as a direct result of the public health emergency and the strict social distancing restrictions for the over 70s. These might include financial support for small household maintenance or safety improvements, for food and basic provisions, to upgrade or buy small appliances (eg. freezer, TV or washing machine), for digital or communications equipment (eg phone or tablet), for increased energy or telephone bills, for additional home or personal secuity costs, or for help meeting additional travel costs for medical treatment or appointments.

“Forms are available online on, via email to, or I can mail a hard copy. Anyone who requires assistance or advice on this, or indeed any matter, can give me a call on 087 9345603.”

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