McGuinness calls for civic amenity site ‘open days’ to address spike in illegal dumping

cropped-img_7587.jpgCouncillor Conor D. McGuinness has suggested that a series of phased ‘open-days’ at the Dungarvan Civic Amenity Site could reward responsible citizens and disincentive those who might otherwise engage in illegal dumping. The Sinn Féin public representative has been consistent in challenging illegal dumping and has campaigned for harsher sanctions and increased enforcement efforts on the part of the Council.

McGuinness said:

“There has been a discernable spike in illegal dumping across the state since mid-March. Its unclear if this is related to the public health emergency. but anecdotally it is clear that many people are taking advantage of the lockdown to tidy sheds and garages, and to clear gardens. The vast majority of people are disposing of their waste legally and responsibly.

Unfortunately, however, a very small minority of people have taken it upon themselves to burden our environment and the rest of society with their rubbish. This behaviour is deeply anti-social, it harms the environment, it interferes with our ability to enjoy our public spaces, and it puts a financial burden on the Council, which is forced to remove and dispose of the rubbish.

“In tendem with enhanced enforcement measures I believe we should act to reward responsbile citizens and disincentivise those who engage in illegal dumping. I have asked Council management to explore how a series of phased ‘open days’ or a voucher system could work to allow people in West Waterford dispose of ‘clear out’ type rubbish such as broken toys, mattresses, paint cans, broken furniture, garden waste etc. These are some of the more common items that have been turning up on roadsides and forests around the state over recent weeks.”

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