McGuinness welcomes progress on Heilbhic breakwater repairs

Councillor Conor D. McGuinness has welcomed the publication of tender documents for repairs to the west pier at Cé Heilbhic, which is in need of substantial work to make it safe and fit for use. 

The Sinn Féin representative had previously flagged the bad state of repair with the Council and campaigned for works to be funded to repair the damage. 

McGuinness said: 

I’m glad that this job has gone to tender and that there is a time frame for works to be completed. The Council is proposing substantial works that will include demolition and reconstruction of part of the pier, as well as associated works. 

The west pier is currently unsafe and it is not fit for use. This is having an impact on smaller fishing boats and punts who use that part of the harbour. I campaigned for these works to be prioritised by the Council as to leave the pier in its current state would lead to further deterioration and a more complex and costly repair job in the future. 

There remains a number of issues with Cé Heilbhic that I am working to address, not least the need for dredging to be carried out. A build up of sand and silt is making access to the harbour difficult in certain tides. An application has been made to the Dept. Agriculture, Food and the Marine to provide the funding necessary for preliminary works in this regard and I have once again written to the caretaker Minister outlining the seriousness or the problem. 


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