Offshore wind turbines cannot be allowed destroy Waterford tourism and fisheries – McGuinness

img_6186Sinn Féin Councillor Conor D. McGuinness has said that offshore wind every developments cannot be allowed destroy Waterford’s existing sea fisheries and tourism industries.

McGuinness made a detailed submission in relation to the application by Inis Ealga Marine Energy Park Ltd. for a foreshore licence.

The West Waterford Councillor said

“Ireland needs to move towards sustainable and clean methods of generating energy. I believe that offshore wind will play a significant part in our future energy mix however we must be responsible and farsighted in how and where we develop wind farms.

“The Inis Ealga application relates to a strip running from Ballyvoile to Cork Harbour, and from the coast to approximately 20km offshore. This suggests the company plan to construct a wind farm within 20km of the coast.

“This is out of step with best practice in counties such as Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium where wind farms are routinely located up to 100km from land.

“My submission raises serious concerns about negative impacts on tourism, sea fisheries, marine life, and on the Gaeltacht and other coastal communities in West Waterford.

“There is a real and pressing need to grow our clean energy capability but we have to be prudent, responsible and farsighted. This is not opposition for opposition’s sake. Let’s try to get this right first time and not rush into costly and damaging mistakes.”

Click here to read the Submission in full.

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