McGuinness: Carbon tax will punish ordinary Waterford households

Sinn Féin Councillor Conor D. McGuinness has said that carbon tax will punish those with no alternative and called on the Government to reconsider the introduction of the tax that is set to be introduced in the coming days. 

McGuinness said: 

“Carbon Tax is due to be imposed over the next few days as the Finance Bill 2020 makes its way through the Oireachtas. 

“The harsh reality is that this tax will hit people’s pockets in the coming weeks as we face into colder weather

“It will increase the cost of lighting the fire for those who have no other option but to sit in a cold house.

“For people struggling week to week, all this measure will do is push up the price of a bag of coal, or the cost of filling their heating tank.

“This tax will punishes those who have no alternative to the fuel they are currently using. The tax might make sense to ivory-tower politicians who believe everyone can afford to overhaul their heating system or to retrofit their home. That is not the reality for the majority of workers and families.

“We need to tackle carbon emissions for the sake of our planet, but punishing people for heating their homes is not the way to do it. Corporate polluters must be made pay their fair share and there needs to be serious investment in retrofitting – including improving local authority housing. 

“Hitting workers and families with new taxes and charges will not solve climate change. This tax is a lazy attempt and will increase fuel poverty while doing very little to address emissions. The government need to reconsider it immediately.”

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